Micro weddings are set to be the big trend of 2021

Micro weddings are the creative and resourceful way couples are dealing with the way the wedding industry has been changed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

We usually love seeing which new trends will determine the photos for the weddings in the following year. Even if we’re not engaged ourselves, we take pleasure in pouring over new flower arrangements ideas and the most popular tablescapes.

But this year, things are a little different. Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on so many aspects of our society, one of which has been the cancellation and altering of many couples’ special event.

From those who have lost huge amounts of money calling their big day off at the last minute for their guest’s safety, to those who have swapped tying the knot in the venue of their dreams for the local registry office – plus all the couples who still don’t know when they’ll be able to get married at all – coronavirus has hit the wedding industry hard.

It makes sense that the wedding trends predicted for 2021 are affected by everything that’s happening this year. Leading wedding website Hitched recognises this, naming micro wedddings as one of the biggest trends for 2021.

Micro weddings have been considered chic for a while. The term simply refers to a wedding of less than 20 people and we’ve seen examples of it in films like Sex and the City, when Carrie Bradshaw famously married Mr Big at New York City Hall with only her three best friends and their partners to celebrate with. 

Sarah Allard, editor of Hitched, says: “Micro-weddings are set to be popular for 2021, but that’s not to say you can’t still celebrate in style – in fact, minimising on guests gives you an extra excuse to splurge on that incredible designer gown or the honeymoon you’ve always wanted!

“It also means more quality time spent celebrating with your nearest and dearest in an intimate setting. Having less guests will allow you to really splash out on people that matter and create an unforgettable experience for them,” she adds.

As many of us worry about job security and the state of the economy, micro-weddings definitely take off some of the pressure to cater for 100 or so guests – in all aspects, from food and drink to wedding favours.

It also means prioritising those you love the most, which if social distancing is still being enforced next year will be a practical must. 

But you could also say that this time of isolation has made many of us ruminate on the things that are most important in life and those we truly miss when we’re not able to see them.

This new found clarity could also mean couples are less enthusiastic about spending a lot of money on a big party but to spoil those closest to them, and prepare for their future together.

A smaller wedding also means you can be more playful with your venue. After all, less people to fit into a space opens up your options. 

Opt for a low-key vibe and book a private room at a gorgeous restaurant for an all-evening feast or, with less than 20 people you could easily get married in a woodland or field. Hosting less people means reducing your impact on the environment, which is always positive no matter the circumstances.

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