Millie Bobby Brown Has No Idea Who BTS Is & Fans Are Here To Educate

Look away, ARMY! ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown just confessed that she’s never heard of BTS…or K-Pop at all! Watch the shocking revelation taken from her Instagram live!

Fans can ask the wildest questions during Instagram Live Q&As, and Millie Bobby Brown‘s heard them all. During a May 1 session, the Stranger Things star opened up Instagram for her fans to ask her all sorts of things, like who she thinks is “the coolest girl in the world” (Michelle Obama) and if she likes Tom Holland (obvi). Oh, and does Millie like BTS? The answer: huh? who?

Millie was repeatedly asked about BTS during the Q&A (we saw you, ARMY), and it soon became clear that she really didn’t know who they were. The first time she was asked, “Do you know BTS?” her brow furrowed and she looked confused, but moved on to another question. Later, someone asked her if she liked K-Pop, and she had to confess: “I don’t know what that is.” Okay, points for honesty! A few minutes later, at the 8:08 mark in the video above, she gets really frustrated by the amount of people still asking her about BTS. “Who is BTS?” she asked. “Is BTS behind the scenes? Or like…? BTS is behind the scenes. Hold on, let me just look it up.”

Turns out, Millie did know about BTS, just not by name. “Oh, they’re a band. Oh, that’s cool. OH, they’re that band!” she exclaimed. She tried to play a few clips of their music but had to keep checking her questions. While it’s kind of crazy that Millie was practically the only teenager on the planet who didn’t know about BTS, there’s a silver lining: you, ARMY, are responsible for making her a mega-fan through Instagram Live!

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