Mind-boggling optical illusion asks what shape do you see in tricky image

Optical illusions can be hotly debated – who could forget the infamous white and gold/blue and black dress in 2015?

Now an image has gone viral and it's asking players what shape can they see in the tricky picture…

To support the launch of its new TV add, Gala Spins has produced a mind-boggling illusion designed to challenge Brits.

Players were put to the test and polled on what they could see depending on their unique vision.

Gala Spins partnered with Bhavin Shah, an optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, to explain why we see different colours.

In the optical illusion, more than 71% see a yellow butterfly, while 29% found two faces looking each other.

So what can you see?

Commenting on the findings, Bhavin said: "Many people will see the butterfly first, before zeroing in on the detail of the faces.

"Humans have a propensity to human faces and are always drawn to them.

"There are parts of the brain that respond specifically to faces so once we've seen it in the illusion, we'll tend to see that more."

Meanwhile, Karina Adrian, head of brand marketing and partnerships at Gala Spins, had her say on it too.

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She said: "What we love about optical illusions is the uniqueness of what we see, and how it allows us to put our own spin on things.

"Different people will look at the same image and see something completely different.

"This is all because our eyes and brains interpret what they'e presented with in different ways.

"We hope that our illusions will get Brits scratching their heads and debating what the images show."

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