Model offered £18,000 for lingerie she wore during sexy magazine photoshoot

An OnlyFans model known as the “Queen of sexting” has revealed that she was offered a huge lump sum in exchange for her underwear.

Amber Sweetheart, author of “The Sexting Bible”, told her fans that she’d been asked to sell the lingerie she wore on the front cover of FHM magazine – for $25,000.

That’s around £18,000 for the underwear set she modelled on the Swedish version of the magazine.

Apparently, the model and yoga teacher is used to unusual requests at this point – after all she has a whopping 516,000 followers on Instagram – including requests to buy her pants.

But, the amount offered shocked her.

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Amber commented: “It was definitely a surprise.

“A fan made the offer via my OnlyFans page DM and at first I thought he was kidding.

“It wasn’t until we started chatting I realised it was a real offer.”

Amber laughed: “I would say I spend a lot on my underwear, but he definitely takes the crown.

“$25K is probably how much I have spent on all of my underwear, for him to offer that for just one of them is almost absurd”.

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Despite the large amount of cash on offer, Amber decided not to flog her underwear.

She explained: “The piece does have a lot of sentimental value, as I did enjoy doing the photoshoot and it was my first cover.

“So much so I actually chose not to sell it, as I intend to frame it with the cover and have it as a reminder of what I’m capable off when I put my mind to it.

“I guess he gets it, that’s why he bid so high for it”.

Amber has also featured on the cover of Fashion Magazine NYC and Malvie Magazine, but has yet to be offered more money for her modelling clothes.

And, she revealed earlier this year that she makes an enormous £71,000 every month teaching other people how to orgasm.

Before coronavirus she worked as a full-time yogi but she turned to the subscription website OnlyFans when she had time on her hands.

And, the venture proved successful as she earns a fortune each month helping others improve their sex lives.

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