Model offered money for snaps of feet earned £15k for night of sexual intimacy

Being a successful Instagram model comes with a lot of perks, such as travelling the world, receiving gifts from sponsors and earning top money for posts.

Whitney Paige Venable, from Florida, US, worked as a bartender and waitress at several restaurant over the years, then even had three different jobs once to make ends meet.

Since coming out of a toxic relationship, the 26-year-old start modelling on Instagram where she receives lavish gifts from her 848,000 followers.

She has worked with top lingerie brands including LuxLingerie, swimxoticswimear and Kapreeza lingerie, and has even been featured in a music video starring Gucci Mane and Lil Pump.

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Speaking about her humble beginnings, Whitney said: “Before Instagram I was a bartender/waitress at multiple restaurants. I worked 3 different jobs all at the same time and still didn’t have enough money to support the lifestyle I wanted.

“Now that I’m an Instagrammer I can sleep in until whenever I want every day, buy whatever I want and travel wherever I want. I used to sometimes not even go home with £76 ($100) now I can make thousands a day.

“I decided to start Instagram modelling because I got out of a really toxic relationship and finally got my confidence back and low key wanted to get back at him because he hated Instagram models. I never expected to grow this much though.

“I get paid from businesses anywhere from £381 ($500) to £2,670 ($3,500) per post on Instagram. I have a down to earth personality, and I engage with my fans making them continue to support me”.”

Whitney receives hundreds of pounds a day in her PayPal account by fans – and most of the time, the money is sent anonymously.

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The model received £7,000 ($10,000) worth of lingerie from a fan who wanted to see her dressed in the world's most expensive skimpy wear.

One follower even offered her £15,000 ($20,000) for a night of intimacy – and she's inundated with marriage proposals every single day.

She added: “Yes I’ve received a lot of money from fans, sometimes I’ll wake up and there will be hundreds deposited into my PayPal account and I won’t know who put it there.

“I’ve also recovered lingerie from fans that want to see me in certain things and I also have fans that purchase my lingerie for high dollar. I’ve received £7,000 ($10,000) worth of lingerie from a fan who wanted to see me in the most expensive lingerie.

“I have so many admirers. Men that want to buy my dirty underwear. Men that offer me money to marry them. Some men offer me hundreds of dollars for a picture of my feet.”

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Whitney, who is in a relationship with another Instagram model Evette Aguilar, has been cyber stalked by a man who said he was with her for eight months.

She explained: “I’ve had an admirer take it too far and now I’m considering calling the police. He has imagined being in a relationship with me for 8 months and stalks me daily creating new accounts on Instagram every day to stalk me.”

Whitney hopes to keep growing her Instagram page and become a millionaire one day, as well as own several houses and get married.

Encouraging other models who want to gain social media fame, Whitney explained: “It took me about a year in a half to grow my account to 841,000. I grew it by continuing to make viral post and posting regularly.

“I’d say for new models, make sure your posts are grabbing people’s attention, make sure your shooting with the best photographers. With the right mindset anyone can do it!"

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