Monster jellyfish which can grow to the size of dustbin lids invade harbour

A coastline has been invaded by a swarm of giant barrel jellyfish so big they can grow to be the size of dustbin lids.

Torquay Harbour is currently full of the creatures – which have even been spotted in shallow waters of the marina.

Barrel jellyfish are common in British waters and the largest creatures of their type in our seas, Devon Live reports.

The creatures are so big that they can grow up to 90cm and weigh up to 35kg.

Rising temperatures are believed to have bought an abundance of food for the marine animals – sparking the largest barrel jellyfish influx in 15 years. 

Although jellyfish are infamous for their stinging tentacles, this species is harmless to humans and are known as "gentle giants."

They are usually followed by Leatherback Turtles as they are the great sea creatures' favourite delicacy.

Guy Pottinger, 35, said: "I was walking along by the harbour side when I noticed a fairly large jellyfish in the water close to the wall.

"Then out of nowhere another much larger jellyfish swam alongside it.

"This one was huge! I'd say about 2ft in diameter. It looked as though they were feeding off something on the harbour wall.

"As I walked on I noticed lots more jellyfish in the water. There was a swarm of them. They were mesmerising to watch."

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