Mother slams Aldi’s Christmas advert for being ‘traumatic’ to children

Angry mother brands Aldi’s Christmas advert too ‘traumatic’ for children claiming her own were left distraught as Kevin the Carrot dices with death

  • Aldi’s Christmas launch advert featured Kevin the Carrot driving orange truck
  • Ended with Kevin the Carrot teetering on a cliff’s edge after getting into a crash
  • A parent complained to The Sun that the advert was ‘traumatic for children’
  • Aldi said:’We can assure fans that Kevin’s dicey fans will continue into Christmas’

A parent has complained to the advertising standards agency, claiming that Aldi’s Christmas launch advert, which sees Kevin the Carrot dicing with death, is too traumatic for children to watch. 

Earlier this week Aldi released its festive advert which sees the return of the much-loved vegetable – who appeared in last year’s ad as well as 2016’s- driving a bright orange truck with lights all around it.

In the clip, Kevin drives the truck through a snowy forest and past homes with smiling children in them until a huge block of snows fall into his path.

The truck swerves and is left hanging off the edge of a cliff as Kevin sits behind the wheel before the advert comes to a close, leaving Kevin’s fate hanging in the balance.

And now Aldi has been forced to reassure fans that Kevin’s character will continue its adventures, after several parents voiced their concern in an official complaint.

A parent has complained to the advertising standards agency, claiming that Aldi’s Christmas launch advert, which sees Kevin the Carrot dicing with death, is too traumatic for children to watch

Suzanne Coulter, 55, of Bradford, told The Sun she was with her two young children when they watched it, adding: ‘They saw it was Kevin driving, who they love, and were excited.

‘But there is a major road accident and the truck is hanging over a cliff. They thought Kevin has died and were distraught.

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‘It’s upsetting for their ­little minds’, she added of the advert. 

A spokesman for the ASA told the paper they were assessing the complaints.

Meanwhile Aldi said they were overwhelmed with the reaction to Kevin the Carrot, adding: ‘We can assure fans that Kevin’s dicey adventures will continue to Christmas.’

Suzanne Coulter, 55, of Bradford, told The Sun she was with her two young children when they watched it, adding: ‘It’s upsetting for their ­little minds’

MailOnline has contacted Aldi for further comment. 

The advert caused controversy this week, when viewers claimed it was a rip off of Coca Cola’s famous ad, while Aldi explained it was a ‘spoof’.

The vehicle’s striking similarity to the instantly recognisable Coca-Cola truck hasn’t gone unnoticed by Brits – many of who were fooled into thinking it was the original advert.   

One user wrote: ‘Another said: ‘I was about to be really angry because I thought I was about to watch the Coca Cola Xmas Advert for the first time this year but it was Kevin the Carrot! #tooearly #KevinTheCarrot #aldi #xmasadvert.’

Aldi has released its Christmas advert for 2018, but many Brits have accused the chain of copying the famous Coca-Cola advert

The truck featured in the advert bears a striking resemblance to the original Coca-Cola truck which has become synonymous with the festive period (pictured)

Twitter users have accused the supermarket of deliberately copying the iconic advert

Responding to accusations Aldi points out that the advert is in fact a parody 

Another added: ‘The Aldi advert is such a rip of the Coca-Cola advert!’

The Coca-Cola advert features a fleet of bright red trucks with twinkly lights driving through a snowy forest, lighting up Christmas trees and decorations as it passes.

However, not everyone was upset by the homage, with many saying it was the best Christmas advert of the year.

Dan Tightley wrote: ‘#Aldi clearly taking the p*** out of the Coca Cola Christmas truck, has won the Christmas ad this year already, well played. #savekevin’

Annis-Kate said: ‘Thought the coca-cola Christmas advert was on the tv. But it’s Aldi. Possibly the best ad I’ve seen in a while.’

However, many applauded the supermarket’s creative approach to its festive advertising

The advert has upset many Coca-Cola fans who mistook it for the original. Pictured: The 2016 Coca-Cola advert

On Thursday Aldi launched its festive campaign with the return of Kevin the Carrot for a third year on the back of a teaser parody of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. 

The campaign introduces new character Pascal the Parsnip, who is determined to cause misery to returning favourites Kevin, his Katie and their three children Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper.

Kevin is seen risking Pascal’s wrath as he bravely attempts to rescue his family from his evil clutches, before they become part of his Christmas roast. 

Actor Jim Broadbent returns to narrate the ad, while viewers may also recognise the soundtrack from the film Edward Scissorhands.

Adam Zavalis, marketing director at Aldi UK, said: “Kevin the Carrot is loved by our customers and we felt it wouldn’t be an Aldi Christmas this year without the Carrot clan.” 

Aldi has unveiled its Christmas advert for 2018, as retailers battle it out with their festive offerings. Featuring its trademark character Kevin the Carrot, he is forced to battle evil Pascal the Parsnip to save his carrot family from becoming part of his Christmas roast

The official advert sees him making a comeback, battling Pascal, (seen) who is on a mission to cause misery to Kevin’s carrot family

With his fatherly instincts at the root of Kevin’s bravery, he is seen breaking into the snow-covered castle in a deserted wood at the top of a cliff.

Kevin’s carrot wife Katie and their three children: Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper watch in horror as he tries to save them

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