Motorists could land themselves £300 fine and 3 penalty points when moving homes

Moving to a new home can be exciting but stressful at the same time.

When it comes to packing up your bits to head to a new property, having a car can be very useful.

But did you know something like this could land you a fine on the road?

In fact, if you're not careful enough you can find yourself with three penalty points on your driving licence too.

That's because there are many rules on the road you must adhere to, especially when you're driving with loads of stuff in the car.

According to USwitch, there are three things to bear in mind when you're setting off to your new home.

Don't get overloaded

When moving house, it can all be tempting to pack up your car to make the fewest trips possible.

But overloading your car can not only cause damage to your vehicle, it could land you in trouble.

Due to the law you must not exceed your car's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW – regardless of what it is.

Every model of car has its own official GVW, so it's wise to check this if you're unsure.

Don't stick out too much

Most items you'd move in your cars are small things, like clothes, electronics and plants.

It is legal to drive with loads that exceed your vehicle, such as a flat pack chest of drawers or large piece of wood.

Any items that overhang at the rear of a car by a metre or less are usually fine without any notices or markers.

But having an object sticking out could be considered dangerous if there is a high chance it can hit another car or a pedestrian.

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Don't forget to update your address

With so many things happening, updating your address might be the last thing on your mind.

But it's important to do this as soon as you move house – otherwise it can invalidate your insurance.

And should the worst happen, where you have to make a claim, your provider can refuse to pay out.

Just remember insurers usually charge an admin fee when changing addresses, but you could shop around for a cheaper deal.

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Joel Kempson, a car insurance expert at USwitch, said: A lot of the law around driving is common sense and up for interpretation.

"Our advice would be to check if you think your car might be dangerous and whether you think it would look dangerous.

"Loading up your car and moving furniture is completely legal but you must exercise caution.

"Similarly, if your car is too heavy to accelerate fast enough at a junction, you could be considered dangerous by the police."

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