Mrs Hinch fan shares coca cola cleaning hack which cleans stained and grimy pans

While we all wash our pots and pans after every use it’s easy for burnt bits to build up or stain the cookware.

We’ve all experienced it – a beautiful pan is run through the dishwasher but the inside remains dark and discoloured.

And, it’s frustrating to deal with when all that seems to shift the marks is elbow grease and heavy duty scrubbing!

But, luckily a cleaning obsessive and fan of influencer Mrs Hinch has revealed her hack which will save your pans.

The Facebook user is a big supporter of Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, who has over 4m followers on Instagram who love her clever cleaning tips and tricks.

Posting on a Mrs Hinch group, a woman asked how she can “save” dirty pots and was helped by a clever cleaner with a genius hack.

The poster showed off a stainless steel pan with a layer of burnt grime on the bottom.

It turns out that all you’ll need to rescue similar pans is some coca cola.

The cleaner said: ”I’ve put Coca Cola in mine, boiled it up for a while then let it cool right down.

“Then washed up as usual. Came straight off.”

And plenty of other cleaning obsessives agreed with the idea and said that they also use coke.

One person noted: “Boil coke in it then let it sit for an hour.”

“Boil cola and leave it for a few hours,” added another.

But, some posters said that lemonade worked better than cola.

They said: “Saw a hack that boiled Sprite and then rinsed when the colour changed.”

Apparently, you can also use cola or lemonade to descale your kettle.

Alternatively, you can boil a dishwasher tablet for an hour and plenty of the grime will lift off the pan.

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Barkeeper’s Friend is also a handy scrub which can shine up your pans nicely.

While another poster suggested an usual potato hack for ridding your pans of marks.

She said: “Dip a cut potato in salt and rub…

“Or sprinkle baking soda in, cover with water and boil for 15 minutes (don't let it boil dry).”


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