Mrs Hinch fan shares miracle £1 hack for getting glass tiles shiny

A dedicated Mrs Hinch fan page has shared a game changing cleaning hack that promises to work wonders on glass tiles.

Inspired by the 32 year old Instagram star, the Facebook group was set up as a forum to try and test various home hacks and cleaning methods.

One recent post on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group has been attracting a lot of attention after it was hailed as the fastest and cheapest way to clean bathroom tiles.

Fans have recommended the best cleaning product for glass tiles and it costs just a bargain £1.

If you struggle to get your glass sparkling and smear free then you aren't alone, but luckily one social media user claims to have the answer.

The claim was prompted after one frustrated member of the group posted that she wasn't sure how to take care of the glass tiling in her bathroom.

"I have glass tiles which is the most annoying thing to look nice, and soon as I clean it it’s streaky again," she wrote.

"I just used a steamer on it but it looks worse.

"How do you make these look nice?"

The comments quickly flooded in with suggestions from fellow cleaning enthusiasts, with one admitting that she has "these same tiles and they are hell to shine".

However, one respondent had the answer, recommending a 'miracle' cleaning product that costs a bargain £1.

They chipped in to suggest using the Cif original cream cleaner, which retails for just £1 in supermarkets.

"I use Cif non-smear on mine and it always looks fab," the person shared before adding: "It's brilliant and smells gorgeous."

Meanwhile, another Hinch fan had an inventive idea of using car screen wash to keep tiles shining and smear free.

"Car screen wash is apparently supposed to be brilliant for tiles," the comment read.

Meanwhile, others cited a typical glass cleaner as the best method of cleaning the tiles.

"I saw on another post that glass cleaner works. I tried it and it worked well," one person wrote.

"Method Glass Cleaner is also brilliant," someone else added.

"I use glass cleaner on mine and buff them up with a microfibre mop," a third wrote.

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