Mrs Hinch reveals the best four cleaning products to make your bathroom sparkle

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Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning social media sensation, frequently entertaining her 4 million followers with useful hacks and tricks on how to keep a tidy home.

During the lockdown's the ‘cleanfluencer’ has provided us with some fabulous nuggets of wisdom at a time where we have less time to spend out socialising and a fresh incentive to kill germs.

But everyone's least favourite area to clean in the house is, of course, the bathroom.

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From unblocking plug holes, to scrubbing tiles, we thought we'd take a look back on some of the best products the housework guru suggests to use to keep the area we use to clean ourselves, sparkling clean…

Sonic Scrubber tool

Last year Mrs Hinch shared with fans her trust hack for relieving plug holes of dirt.

Posting on her Instagram stories the star wrote: “This here is for all of my followers that get negative comments or even trolled for their ‘before pictures’. This here is my current plug."

She added: “But guess what I’m excited to clean it! And that’s all that matters.”

In a very satisfying manner, Mrs Hinch then removed the plug and got to work using a Sonic Scrubber tool, £18.99, to get things looking spic and span.

The high power tool, which is currently sold out online, is expert at getting into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and, alongside this, the cleaning sensation opted for Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster, which can be purchased online from B&M for £1.

Mrs Hinch then poured soda crystals down the hole before adding drops of her ever favourite Zoflora.

Autoglym Fast Glass

The cleaning star also shared an original way to clean mirrors, something common in every bathroom, and it involves a product designed to be used on cars.

In a short video Mrs Hinch writes “Let’s see what all the fuss is about” before the video shows her spraying it onto the mirrors.

The product describes itself on the bottle as being suitable for cleaning: "all automotive glass, acrylic, perspex and plastic windows.”

Autoglym says of the product: “Fast Glass is a highly effective cleaner, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish.

“This cleaner is perfect for use inside and out and cuts through dirt easily removing road grime, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings.”

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Mrs Hinch buffed the mirrored glass with a cloth revealing a sparkling clean surface below.

The mother then later proceeded to comment on her story: “So it’s actually for cars but I’m impressed! Never used this before, it’s amazing!

Dr. Beckmann’s Foaming Toilet Cleaner

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet, but Mrs Hinch has found a product that makes it a darn sight easier.

On her Instagram Stories the star raved about Dr. Beckmann’s Foaming Toilet Cleaner.

The product is very easy to use, and means you don't have to do any scrubbing as you just pour it in the toilet basin, leave for 10 minutes and then flush it.

It also only costs £3 from Wilko's so you won't be flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet.

The star said of the product: "I'm slightly obsessed with the foam.”

Flash Speedmop

Mrs Hinch mops her bathroom tiles, a tip she actually got from her fans, and not the other way round.

The star shared that she was going to try using her Flash Speedmop, which has reusable wipes attached, on the bathroom walls.

This was following a suggestion she saw one of the Facebook groups set up in her honour.

On her Instagram stories she told followers that she found it difficult cleaning wall tiles, writing: “They look clean, but believe you me they’re not. There’s a bit of a build-up on them.

“I struggle to get to the top.”

Mrs Hinch

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Mrs Hinch then added: “I’m tall but I’m not that tall but I've noticed lots of you using your Speedmops to get right up there so I’m going to try it out and I can't wait.”

And using the mop she was so pleased with he results that she said: “why have I never done this before.”

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