Mum gives hallway and stairs a colourful makeover using Dulux and Wilko buys

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A mum has given her hallway and staircase a stunning emerald green makeover.

Posting in a popular Facebook DIY group, the 23-year-old received praise for the colourful new look.

Shanice Pratt, a full time mum, managed to revamp the space while looking after her seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old son.

Before rolling up her sleeves for the DIY, the area was plain with neutral walls and little in the way of decoration.

After her hard work, green walls were paired with a gorgeous geometric wallpaper.

Plus, must-have mirror windows, a radiator cover, new storage and plants were added.

What colour palette do you like to use in your home? Let us know in the comments section…

Captioning her post, Shanice said: “So happy with the final result!”

And, clearly others were impressed as over 200 people liked the post and many commented.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Shanice added: “I was inspired to use the paint after seeing it on the DIY page on Facebook!

“It’s Emerald Glade from Dulux.”

You can pick up a 2.5L tin from Wilko for £15.

And, her other DIY picks were bargains too!

Shanice continued: “The wallpaper was from Wilko.

“The radiator cover in the hallway was from Groupon.

“All the mirrors were from Home Bargains and they are really hard to get hold of!”

The wallpaper is called Sublime Apex and costs £10 a roll.

While the mirrors cost £4.99 – if you can find them .

Shanice added: “The lamp in the hall was from B&M. The candle holders on top of the radiator cover were also.”

The mum also re-did her floors which brought the total cost to £350.

Not bad, considering how much work was done.

Fans on Facebook complimented Shanice’s work.

One said: “That looks amazing!!

“Love that colour on the wall.”

“One word – lush,” commented another.

A third added: “It looks gorgeous.

“Nice to see a change from grey.”

We love a colourful DIY job.

Fab work, Shanice!

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