Mum left blushing after accidentally ordering rude Peppa Pig plate for toddler

A mum was left red-faced after buying a Peppa Pig plate online.

The crockery features the popular children’s character at its centre, along with a stack of cupcakes.

But it was the words around the outside of the kids’ plate that caught Maggy Van Eijk’s attention.

The author realised she’d purchased a French version of the dinnerware.

So instead of saying “oink” like it would in English, it actually uses the word “groin”.

Groin means snout in French and children there use it to describe the sound a pig makes – but obviously it translates very differently in the UK.

Maggy was able to see the funny side of the situation.

On Twitter, she wrote: “My kid just unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a French version and now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup FFS.”

The post racked up 27,200 likes and made many giggle.

One responder wrote: “I feel bad laughing at this… bless you for sharing!”

Another said: “Sorry I should not laugh. But you have brightened up my day.”

A third wrote: “Living in France a present and I find this hilarious.

“A child’s first chance to understand there are many different languages!”

And a fourth added: “This and so many other reasons are why we became parents.”

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