Mum-of-four to give complete stranger a kidney for a gift of life at Christmas

A mum is set to donate a ­kidney to a complete stranger as a Christmas present.

Nikki Moore made the decision after being told she was not a match for a pal who needed a transplant.

The mum of four wanted to help her neighbour, Mark Dyer, who is seriously ill with kidney disease.

They were not compatible, but Nikki, 47, was inspired to help someone else by becoming a living donor.

Nikki, who is an NHS clinical support worker, said: “I have two kidneys. I don’t need them both, so I want to give mine away to help somebody in need. It could save their life.

“I want to raise awareness about this so other people can donate organs as well.” Nikki’s operation will take place on December 5, the same day taxi driver Mark, 45, will have transplant from a stranger.

Nikki lives with husband Tim, 51, and their four children – Beth, 20, Kieran, 16 and twins Ella and Grace, 11, near West Malling, Kent. She has joined an NHS database for altruistic kidney donations, which just 100 people on average do each year.

Nikki has had physical and psychological tests and knows the donation comes with health risks.

She will have to avoid contact sports and if her remaining kidney fails, she may need a transplant.

She said: “I want to help somebody. My life is really good.

“I have everything I need in life. I have my husband and our four children. If I can give somebody else the chance to have what I’ve had by giving them my kidney, then that really makes me feel good.”

Her friend Mark said of his transplant: “I just want to go ahead with it now to improve my life. I’ve been waiting two and a half years, but I feel lucky. I just feel very grateful.”

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