Mum of girl with half an arm told to ‘cover it up because it scared other kids’

A cruel parent told the mum of a little girl born with half an arm to "cover it up" because it scared her son.

Gracie Morgan, two, was happily playing at a soft play centre when a little boy started to stare at her small left arm.

Her mum Sarah, 32, heard the little boy say he was scared and moved her to a different area.

But the boy’s mother then came over – and said Gracie’s arm shouldn’t be "so obvious because it was scaring other children".

Gracie had been wearing a short sleeved dress at the soft play centre in Llanelli, West Wales.

Mum-of-four Sarah said: "Gracie was happily playing when a little boy started to take an interest in her small arm.

"This happens a lot and I’m not very comfortable with people staring but children are curious and that’s okay.

"But then the little boy started to say he was scared so I took Gracie and moved her to play with her brothers in a different part of the playground.

"That’s when the boy’s mother came over. She said I shouldn’t make Gracie’s arm so obvious because it was scaring the children.

"I was so angry I just gathered up the kids and left. I didn’t trust myself to respond."

Nurse Sarah said it isn’t the first time she has had cruel comments made about Gracie in public.

She said: "I’ve started to dread going to play groups and soft play because of the negative attention.

"One time an older boy was circling Gracie and pointing and laughing while his parents just looked on.

"People don’t know what to say. I don’t know if they feel awkward but it’s cruel to allow that bullying and it’s the parents I blame not the kids."

Gracie lives with mum Sarah, dad Gareth Morgan, 37 and her brothers Cai, nine, Codi, five, and Alfie, three.

She was diagnosed with having a limb difference during the 20 week anomaly scan in October 2016.

Sarah is now calling for people to think about Gracie’s feelings before making mean comments.

She added: "At the moment Grace is young and doesn’t understand. Nothing stops her and I want her to always be that way.

"She’ll hold a crisp packet between her feet and use her right hand to eat. Or she puts a yogurt under her little stump and has the spoon in her right hand.

"She overcomes everything that I might have considered a challenge before.

"To us she is absolutely perfect in every way."

Gracie’s family are fundraising to have a bionic prosthetic arm made so she can continue to live as independently as possible as she gets older.

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