Mum-of-three claims Marks and Spencer is ‘cheaper than Aldi’

As Britons continue to be faced with rising costs, families are looking around for the most affordable places to shop. Aldi and Lidl come to mind as the cheapest UK supermarkets, but one woman claimed her grocery shop from Marks and Spencer was even cheaper.

After her latest trip to the supermarket, mum-of-three Emma Louise left Marks and Spencer with 16 items having cost her only £17.48.

She claimed this was cheaper than what 16 items would have cost her at Aldi.

Emma, whose TikTok username is @emmalouise1981, took to the social media platform to share a video of the food she had bought.

The products included two packets of chicken legs for just £1.20 each, five packets of £2 beef mince, and a rump steak for only £4.

The TikTokker also paid just 50p for tomato soup, cream of chicken soup, and a bag of carrots, as well as £1 each for a bag of white potatoes and a punnet of mushrooms.

Alongside the video, Emma wrote: “All this cheaper than Aldi with some savings on my Sparks Card too.

“£17.48 for 16 items.”

Emma’s receipt showed that she had saved £4.32 by using up the offers on her Sparks Cards.

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The deals included 15 percent off meat and fish, 15 percent off vegetables, £1.50 off fresh meat, and 15 percent off fruit.

Emma’s video garnered thousands of views and tens of comments, with some saying they “need” to go to Marks and Spencer.

TikTok user @OooLaLa wrote: “I need to go! Currently 15 percent off fruit and fish on my app.”

Arlene Jack said: “Defo need to go have a look at Marks.”[sic]

User @user commented: “Also some great reductions to be found in M&S.”

User @Erm wrote: “Swear by their chicken wings. £1.40 for 10 and they’re decent.”

User @JJ_Giosa said: “M&S are cheaper than most other supermarkets for specific items. Just remember it’s better to shop around than just go to one place.”

User @Mya added: “Gotta love the sparks.”[sic]

In another of her videos, Emma showed her followers how to cook chicken in an air fryer.

She placed the two chicken legs, which were from Marks and Spencer, in the fryer and seasoned them with All Purpose Seasoning before closing the appliance’s lid.

In the comments, user @axmna.09 explained that chicken in the air fryer can take up to an hour to cook.

She wrote: “Have an air fryer for years now and we cook 30 minutes on each side, because most air fryers don’t have an hour plus.”[sic]

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