Mum-of-two tells Lorraine parents put too much pressure on themselves

Mother who went viral with MC Hammer parody ‘I Can’t Teach This’ tells Lorraine parents put ‘too much pressure’ on themselves’ – and says she’ll be happy if her kids can ‘spell their names’ by the time they’re 25

  • Sophie McCartney went viral with MC Hammer parody ‘I Can’t Teach This’
  • Mum-of-two, from Liverpool, said a lot of time if you ‘don’t laugh, you’ll just cry’
  • Added she’ll be happy if her kids can count to ten by time they’re aged 25

A mother-of-two who went viral with MC Hammer parody ‘I Can’t Teach This’ has warned that parents are putting ‘too much pressure on themselves” when it comes to homeschooling.

Sophie McCartney, from Liverpool, appeared on Lorraine today and told how she is very much ‘working on the basis’ that if her children get to 25 and they can ‘spell their names and count to ten’ she’ll know she’s done an ‘OK job.’ 

Lorraine went on to highlight the importance of parents just ‘doing what you can’ in these difficult times.

Sophie responded: ‘We put so much pressure on ourselves as parents and as long as they’re happy, occupied and not in front of the TV for 24 hours a day – 22 and a half I think is OK- then that’s OK.’

Sophie McCartney (pictured) appeared on Lorraine today to tell how she has been trying to keep spirits up to parents who are homeschooling across the nation amid lockdown

Sophie went viral with her parody of MC Hammer parody ‘I can’t Teach This’ (pictured)

The parenting blogger, who appeared via video link, went on to admit that the current demands on parents are ‘really, really hard.’ 

‘And you know what, this is my second time round of doing it and I think this time it’s worse,’ she explained. ‘Although I had the experience of the first lockdown, I’ve now got a second child I’m homeschooling as well, and phonics and a five-year-old is just a near-on impossible task.’ 

Speaking of her worst subject to teach, Sophie continued: ‘At some point from the eighties to now, they’ve just changed maths and no one got the memo. It’s not my strong point – words and jokes I’m good at – numbers, not so much.  

‘We sit down and my little boy, he’s nearly eight, so is in year 3, and we sit down to do it and he just has a look of complete confusion. He just looks at me and says, “Mummy shall we skip this one…and I’m like “Yeah!”  

The parenting blogger explained that ‘a lot of the time if you don’t laugh, you’ll just cry.’ Pictured left, Lorraine and right, Sophie

Lorraine praised the mother-of-two for keeping spirits up during lockdown (pictured, in one of viral videos’

Sophie, who set up her social media pages three years ago, also spoke of her famous connection – Paul Mccartney.

‘He is my dad’s first cousin, and he’s my second cousin,’ she said. ‘My granddad and his dad were brothers. I don’t have the vocal capabilities that he has. Mine airs more on the cringe mum rapping side of the gene pool.’

Lorraine went on to say how Sophie has attacked homeschooling with a sense of humour – which she added is ‘vital’ – especially now. 

‘I think a lot of the time if you don’t laugh, you’ll just cry,’ Sophie replied. ‘I spent an hour and a half trying to sound out “eleven” with my daughter and all she kept saying was ‘a level.’ 

‘I started saying it so much I started questioning how you said and spelled the word eleven.’  

Offering a message of positivity and hope to viewers, Sophie added: ‘Everybody, you can do this! Keep powering on. The end is in sight.’

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