Mum parodies Kim Kardashian’s tiny bikini snap – and she’s cracking people up

Influencer Celeste Barber had fans crying with laughter in her latest Instagram post, as she mocked one of Kim Kardashian's most iconic photos.

The social media star, who has around nine million Instagram followers, always gets people giggling by parodying celebrities online, and she's done another brilliant impersonation of Kim Kardashian.

Mum Celeste, 40, was seen trying to re-create Kim K's OTT bikini look by posing wearing nothing but a tiny black bikini and a pair of gloves.

Kim, who initially posted a picture of herself in a pool, wearing nothing other than a slinky black two-piece and a pair of shiny blue gloves looked all sultry and seductive in the typical Kardashian-style post.

Meanwhile, Aussie star Celeste was seen looking disappointed and imperfect while taking a dip.

The hilarious mum also swapped Kim's shiny blue gloves for a pair of disposable plastic ones bringing the look a little more down to earth.

Celeste posted the comparison picture alongside the caption: "Nothing like disposable undies, gloves and income to keep you humble."

Since posting the images several fans have been in hysterics, with people absolutely loving the addition of the rubber gloves.

Hundreds of people are simply commenting on the picture by posting laughing faces, while one person simply said: "The gloves."

One amused social media user commented: "Your facial expression is priceless", while another added: "You made my day girl."

Meanwhile one fan praised her choice of thong, writing: "Your waxer would be proud to see you reusing their disposable G-string, but where are the sexy kitchen gloves?"

It's not the first time Celeste has impersonated Kim K as she previously took on her bum-exposing snap which saw her flash her bare, peachy bottom while letting a towel fall down.

Kim, who kept quite a blank expression in the picture, paired this with a black bikini top and motorbike helmet as she posed in a tropical location.

But Celeste's version saw her looking totally unimpressed as she also bared her bum above a towel.

At the time, she wrote: "When your new boyfriend wants you to try something different."

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