Mum shares heartbreak after no one shows up to son's sixth birthday party

A mum has shared the crushing moment not one guest turned up to her son’s sixth birthday party.

The mum, who goes by @dawners86 on TikTok, posted scenes of the party, which was planned to take place in a park, on the app.

In captions, the mum explained she had invited 22 people to the occasion. The number was permitted under current Covid rules in her province.

‘So we are sitting at the park for JJ’s birthday party,’ she said in a voiceover.

‘We got everything ready, his party started half an hour ago. He had literally zero people show up for his birthday. My poor little man.’

She then showed viewers around the park which was empty, bar her son JJ, who can be seen playing alone. Meanwhile, unused party favours and decorations sat on the table.

On the clip she wrote: ‘Sorry the video is shaky…. I am so upset for this poor guy. He deserves better. He’s amazing.’

Since being posted, the video has seen an outpouring of love and support for JJ and his mum.

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‘Happy birthday to your boy,’ one person commented. ‘Your son has taught adults an even bigger lesson… it’s not about presents, it’s about connection.’

Another said: ‘I was that kid a long time ago. It was tough but as an adult, I’m happy, married and successful. Superheroes need sad backstories.’

In a reply to viewers, the mum said she made excuses to her son and covered the issue well by telling him she got the day wrong.

While this mum was able to protect her child from distress, how should a parent handle such a situation?

Emma Lee, qualified Children and Young People IAPT therapist at Living Well UK, says reassurance is key.

‘It is so important to remain supportive and reassuring to your child – even if you yourself are feeling upset about it too,’ Emma tells

‘Discuss possibilities as to why this might have happened: a date clash? Incorrect or unclear information on the invite? People feeling nervous about attending because of the pandemic?

‘A lot of people will have their own reservations about gatherings that might not match our own, so being understanding and pragmatic about this can be really helpful to rationalising the situation.’

Emma would urge parents to safeguard their child’s confidence in the days following.

‘Remember to be comforting to the child,’ she explains, ‘all the while not undermining their experience or the disappointment they might feel.

‘Assure them that the attendance is in no way a reflection of their self-worth, and remind them that you can still enjoy their birthday, have fun, and enjoy yourselves by celebrating them and their day together, whether that be one-on-one or with other family members.’

Finally, Emma acknowledges the hurt that parents will ultimately feel and says seeking answers from those involved will help.

‘For parents looking for closure themselves, consider reaching out to other parents to see what happened,’ she advises.

‘Talking it through might reveal alternative scenarios or circumstances, which might help you to feel better and more equipped to talk through it with your child.’

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