Mum shares warning about taking pictures of babies with baubles

Christmas is an incredibly exciting time for children – what with presents, decorations and lots of delicious food.

But with all the extra bits and bobs around the house, it can also be pretty dangerous for young children.

And one parent has taken to Instagram to share her story and warn others of an unlikely hazard.

A mum has revealed that it was a glass bauble that put her baby at risk – after her little one put it in her mouth.

She explains that she was doing a photo shoot with her 14-month-old daughter when the accident occurred.

‘My 14-month daughter Savannah and I were getting into the spirit doing a Christmas photo shoot in our lounge room,’ the Instagram post reads.  

‘I’d gone all out with a backdrop and props and had some beautiful baubles nearby that my grandma had given me. 

‘So I wanted to get them in the shot. I was watching Savannah the whole time, got her into position with a jingle bell toy and before I knew it she had scooped up this precious bauble and decided to bite it.

‘As I turned around I heard a massive crunch, and it had exploded in her mouth.’

The mum goes onto explain that she immediately got the broken bauble and stopped her daughter from swallowing any of the tiny glass fragments.

After taking Savannah to a children’s hospital for an assessment and X-rays, the mum as worried the toddler may have inhaled some of the tiny pieces. 

‘Thankfully the X-rays came back clear and we were able to go home. I felt so lucky and relieved, and of course super emotional,’ she adds.

The mum stresses that she wanted to share her story, to send a message to other parents over the holiday season – who might not be aware of the dangers regarding baubles. 

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that not all baubles are glass – some are made of plastic.

So this could be a better and safer option if you have young children – or even pets.

The mum adds: ‘I just wanted to share because I know the Christmas season is upon us, and our little ones are attracted to shiny and bright objects.

‘It happened within seconds and it could have ended up with surgery. Thankfully, all is okay.’

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