Mum shocked at £68 bill from Claire’s Accessories for daughter’s ear piercing

“By this point there was no going back. We had already made the choice”

Joanna Lovell

When presented with the choice, Joanna’s daughter Jasmine plumped for the 3mm crystal 18ct gold ones.

Then came the surprise, writing in the Hull Daily Mail, Joanna said: “The assistant invited Jasmine to sit down, got the paperwork out and got the earrings out and showed us them. To be fair, at this point she did tell me they were £68.

“I thought I’d misheard her.”

But at this stage Joanna and jasmine were past the point of no return: “By this point there was no going back. We had already made the choice. 

“I’d taken my coat off, my daughter had psyched herself up and was sat on my knee all ready, so I found myself muttering ‘that’s fine.’ 

“It would have been so embarrassing to ask if there was anything cheaper!”

And in seconds the deed was done: “Before I knew it the earrings were in her ears and I was £68 lighter. I must say, she does love them.

“It’s only afterwards I’ve looked online and can see prices for piercing at Claire’s Accessories start from just £15 – so I do feel robbed that there is in fact much more reasonable options available that weren’t pointed out.”

Joanna concludes: “If I was given the prices, I probably wouldn’t have gone for the cheapest £15 stainless steel option – but instead of 18CT gold at £68 I might have gone for 24CT gold plated at £30.

I’ve canvassed opinion asking people to guess how much children’s ear piercing costs and most people I’ve spoken to say around the £25 mark, so I’m sharing this in the hope of helping another parent not make the same mistake I did!”

A spokesperson for Claire’s said “Our prices are based on the cost of the metal, and the cost of any stones used i.e. crystal, cubic zirconia or diamond.”

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