Mum-to-be horrifies family members after picking name ‘Connor’ for her baby boy

A mum-to-be was gobsmacked after butting heads with her father-in-law over her baby’s name.

Picking the right monicker for your kiddo can be a tricky business – especially if there are family traditions involved – and, that’s just what happened for this unlucky mum.

The 29-year-old uploaded her story to Reddit to ask for advice.

She explained that she and her husband, Shay, were expecting their first baby – a little boy.

They had decided that their children should take her surname, Smith-Clark, rather than her husband’s surname, Johnson, as she had kept it after they wed.

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The mum added: “I’d like to stress that the kids using my name was his idea. Plus, adding his name in would be weird.

“Smith-Clark-Johnson is kind of a mouthful.”

And, the happy couple decided they would name their son Connor.

But, her father-in-law was fuming about the decision.

She explained: "He called us after he saw the announcement. Connor Smith-Clark does not work for him."

The mum-to-be added: "Shay’s family has named every firstborn son Shay for years.

“I knew about this, cause he’s got cousins and an uncle named Shay, but I did ask my husband while we were looking at names, and he said it wasn’t a big deal, and he knows I don’t like the idea of my kid being a Jr.

"For the same reason, my father-in-law was not cool with using my name.

“They’ve had every firstborn kid named Shay Johnson, and he was hurt I was 'disrespecting their traditions’.”

The mum said her in-laws were usually “nice and easy going” and that they got on with her family so she was surprised at their outrage.

She added that her husband was on her side and told his dad that their family could survive a generation without the name.

He also pointed out that his sister had just gotten married and was likely to continue the tradition when she had kids, but it did little to appease his father.

She noted: "His dad wouldn’t hear any of it. He’s been refusing to speak to us.

"My sister-in-law suggested we use Shay as a middle name, but the middle name we picked out already is honouring a deceased friend of ours, and neither of us wants to change it.”

The mum asked what she should do – and social media users responded.

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One person said: "Your partner isn't attached to the tradition so there is no reason for you to change the name. Your kid, your rules. His family traditions aren't the law.

"It sounds like keeping FIL happy would make you unhappy, and it's not worth the sacrifice. “

Another added: "It's incredibly sexist to expect a couple to comply to the MALE traditions.

“You have a family and your own traditions as well, and they are not less important than the traditions of the Johnson family.”

And, a third giggled: "Imagine any family events: 'Honey come meet Shay Johnson, Shay Johnson II, Shay Johnson Jr, Shay Johnson Sr, Shay Johnson III and Shay Johnson.”

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