Mum who loved £1,000 sofa but couldn't afford it makes her own for £38

The grey velvet furniture trend is one that just won’t quit, and shops appear to know this as some products’ prices are still sky-high.

Becky Johnson, 29, is a big fan and fell in love with a grey crushed velvet sofa she found online – but it cost over £1,000.

The mum-of-one from Brighton thought this was a steep price, and given she already had sofas that were structurally sound, thought she’d give upcycling them a go.

All it took was some £38 material she bought from eBay and some Wonderweb she already had and the sofa looks as good as new.

Becky told money-saving community ‘I’ve been wanting a crushed velvet sofa for a long time and after looking online I just couldn’t afford over £1,000 for one. 

‘There was nothing wrong with the sofas I already had – they just needed updating to match the rest of my decor. 

‘I looked on ebay and searched crushed velvet material and thought £38 for 10 metres was a good price.

‘l already had a staple gun indoors as I do a lot of crafting in my spare time anyway. So I thought “well, if I spend £38 and it doesn’t come out ok then I haven’t lost a massive amount”. 

‘I made sure to cut the fabric to size before applying it to the sofa and left about eight centimetres of extra fabric either side of the fabric.

‘This was so that once I stapled the fabric into place, I could then use the extra fabric to wrap over the staples.’

Becky then used the Wonderweb on the leftover fabric, using an old sheet in between the iron and the cushions to ensure they didn’t burn.

This way she covered the staples up and didn’t even need a needle and thread.

After two weeks of plenty of sitting and moving, the couch is completely secure, so it looks like it’ll hold up for some time.

Becky’s top tip is to apply a lot of pressure when you put the staples in so they don’t pop out. She also recommends buying up extra staples beforehand, as she got through eight strips as part of her DIY project.

It just shows that anyone can take on upcycling like this with minimal cost and materials, but Becky also says that she found it therapeutic to work on during lockdown.

She says: ‘It took me about three days to complete with doing bits here and there with a small child to pre-occupy and work around. 

‘I loved doing it because I felt sane for those few days and didn’t think when “will this lockdown end?” as the days just seemed to blend into each other and I lost count of what day and hour it was. 

‘My little one loved seeing me change it and kept saying “mummy, it’s beautiful”. 

‘The main advice I’d give is just to go for it! I never in a million years thought it would come out the way it did but it was so easy and I loved doing it. 

‘Now I have a brand new looking sofa for £38. You don’t need to spend thousands to get something you have your heart set on.’

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