Mum who’s against having Covid jab explains why she’s getting vaccinated anyway

A mum who has made it clear she doesn't want to get the coronavirus jab has revealed her decision to get vaccinated anyway.

Constance Hall shared her plans to be immunised on Instagram and Facebook, despite not wanting it in the first place.

She told how she felt "morally, socially, emotionally and physically obliged to".

The post saw the Australian receive some hate from her followers, while others applauded her for coming out with the statement.

She wrote: "Do I want the Covid vaccine? Hell no.

"I didn't want a million shots before going to Africa either nor did I want a tiny camera shoved up my bum at my last colonoscopy or the incision I was given between my vagina and my butt that my daughters' head finally poked out of."

The mum argued that "life is full of things I don't want to do" and claimed "I would be in jail or dead by now" if she ignored certain tasks.

She wrote: "Funnily enough, when I think about the vaccine I don't think about 'choices' and 'my body' I think about 'responsibilities' and 'other people'."

Constance said she was a "pro vaccine" person who was "getting immunised to reflect my gratitude to the community that looks after me".

Since she shared her post on social media, many praised the blogger for sharing her opinion on the jab.

One said: "Yasss queen," while another added: "Well said."

As some didn't agree with the post, others defended Constance as they were shocked by the trolls.

A user said: "Who would have ever thought that someone saying they're going to get a vaccine because they care about their community and trust science would have people getting all hateful.

"I don't understand some people any more."

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