‘My body created seven children – so I show it off in sexy boudoir snaps’

Women deserve to feel confident, independent and sexy.

This is why a photography studio in Derbyshire specialises in boudoir photoshoots, a space where women can strip off, glam up and explore themselves in a new way.

The magic happens under the watchful eyes of Jon Davies, 38, and Danielle Cartwright, 35, who run Foxlow Photography – and one woman told how posing for the camera completely changed her life.

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The photography studio first started operating back in 2019 but – initially – Jon and Danielle were taking snaps of families and children, as well as offering the boudoir experience.

But, for some reason, there was a great demand for boudoir photography, so they ended up making this the focus of their business.

Danielle told Daily Star: "It was something that connected with people.

"It's really empowering. It's more than just a photoshoot – it's about reviving your confidence.

"It's amazing for us to see, and we're proud of that."

Jon added: "A lot of our clients have been through a lot before they come to us.

"They may have been through cancer or experienced changes in their bodies."

One of these people is Chrissy Jones, 37, who is a mother-of-seven children.

She discovered Foxlow Photography on TikTok during lockdown, and it really caught her eye.

"It's something I've always fancied trying, but never had the confidence to do," explained Chrissy.

"I just felt the way she advertised it – with the body confidence element – I felt I would be comfortable with them.

"I'm a mum-of-seven, so I just wanted some photographs that weren't me in a standard pose.

"Not as mum, because I feel like that every day."

She also thinks being in lockdown may have been the final push to make her do something that was completely out of her comfort zone.

Chrissy admitted it was a tough time for her, as she felt like she was in a "bubble", and taking to the boudoir when restrictions were lifted enabled her to finally break free.

Danielle said lockdown was also a tough time for the business, as the team had to shut up the shop for seven months.

But Chrissy was one of many people who turned to Foxlow after restrictions eased, because they wanted to try something a little different.

Speaking about her time in lockdown, Chrissy added: "I pretty much nearly had a breakdown, because there was nothing to do.

"I was suddenly in this bubble – I couldn't see my friends or family – I was just with myself all the time.

"It was a really good way to escape from all that."

When it came to the day of the photoshoot, she said Jon and Danielle really put her at ease, even though she was a little nervous.

The mum said as soon as she arrived they talked her through the shoot, and spent some time with a hair and make-up team who helped to create the perfect look.

She also explained that Jon and Danielle were completely "lovely", and made her feel at ease the whole time.

"I really didn't feel like I was parading around in my pants in front of a stranger," added Chrissy.

"Danielle talks you through everything, and Jon is there just doing his thing."

When Chrissy finally got her hands on the photographs, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

She said it was "amazing" to see the end result, and the experience led her to feeling empowered in more ways than one.

As well as boosting her confidence in terms of body image, she was given a whole new outlook on life.

Chrissy said: "I just cried. I couldn't believe it was me.

"It's empowering – my body has created seven children – and I should be proud of that.

"Off the back of it I left a job I really hated, because I didn't have the confidence to find anything else.

"I have a new job now, and I absolutely love it. It's given me confidence in so many other ways too."

Chrissy, who now also spends a lot of time blogging, said it can be hard to explain how the photographs changed her life – but the experience really did.

She's one of many who are now a part of the Foxlow Facebook Group, who share their stories about how their lives changed since taking to the boudoir.

"It's hard to explain to people," she said.

"They say 'it's just some photographs', but it's a lot more than that."

For anyone who may be tempted to strip down to their undies for some super sexy snaps, Chrissy said you should "just do it," simply because there are so many reasons to.

The proud mum said the experience will give you "so many more opportunities that you wouldn't have had", and it really helps to boost confidence levels.

And – if you think you'd be a little nervous – Jon has some super advice to help people who are tempted to take the plunge.

He said: "I often tell people you don't need confidence to do a boudoir photoshoot – you just need bravery.

"Confidence is something that comes with the experience.

"You do need an element of bravery as, for a lot of people, they are completely out of their comfort zone."

Both he and Danielle said they are very lucky to do the work they do, and they welcome absolutely anyone to get in front of the camera.

They have photographed people as young as 21 right up to the age of 74, as well as women who measure anything from a size six to a size 34.

The duo have also worked with clients who have had cancer, people with scars and people with stretch marks.

Everyone has the chance to embrace their beauty when they hit the studio.

Jon said: "One of my favourite things about the job is the first time someone sees their photographs – they believe they can look beautiful.

"Everyone is welcome here. We are not a pretentious studio."


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