‘My boyfriend is blind but it’s handy to have priority seats and disabled badge’

A loved-up couple has taken to TikTok to share their perks of being blind and dating a disabled man in their relationship.

Toby, who went blind at 16 due to a rare genetic disorder retinitis pigmentosa, met his girlfriend, Natalie, at university when they were studying their final year.

The pair often share their stories on Toby's TikTok account, especially after they appeared in the Russell Howard stand-up comedy show by chance.

In the latest post, Natalie shared some of the perks she enjoys while dating Toby.

The "main benefits", as she said, is being care-free.

"He cannot see what I look like at all times," the 24-year-old admits. "So if I'm having an off day, or looking ugly, from slobbing around the house, in bed when my double chins out looking at the phone, he can't see that.

"He has no idea. I have nothing to worry about."

Because of Toby's disability, he is qualified to have a disabled badge, aka the Blue Badge, for parking uses.

Natalie continues: "The disabled badge, hear me out. I'm really weak and when I've done a full shop, I cannot carry them all the way to the car at the other side of the car park.

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"It comes in handy to have a disabled badge and a disabled parking space so I don't have this far to walk."

The benefits of taking care of a blind person sometimes also include getting priority seats and free admissions.

And Natalie said that happened to them when they went for the comedy show, as well as going to an amusement park.

"So we got priority seating in the Russell Howard viral video because he is blind," she tells the viewers. "Also when we go to Thorpe Park, I don't have to pay for tickets because I'm considered as his carer."

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