My boyfriend won't let me see male pals and threatens suicide if we break up

We’ve been together for two years and he won’t leave my side for a minute.

He says he wants to kill himself if I choose to have a night out with a friend. I’ve broken up with him several times and each time he threatens to end his life.

I’m 22 and he’s 24 and he makes me feel trapped. If I don’t do what he says he shouts at me and tells me I’m the reason why everything in his life is wrong.

I did cheat on him when we first got together and, yes, I did drink too much at one time. He made me choose between him and drinking. Back then I chose him but does he have the right to stop drinking? Shouldn’t I be the one to decide?

DEIDRE SAYS: Yes you should. You’re an adult, in charge of your own life.

Your boyfriend is using threats of suicide to manipulate you. Don’t let him trap you this way.

Tell him you’re free to decide who you choose to see and how you spend your time. If he’s feeling so low he’s thinking of killing himself, urge him to get in touch with Samaritans who are there 24/7 (, 116 123).

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