My ex-girlfriend was lovely when I met her but has turned into a scary control freak

DEAR DEIDRE: MY ex-girlfriend was lovely when I met her but over time she turned into a scary control freak. 

We met while walking our dogs. We got on famously, so after meeting for long walks for months we began dating. She was very caring then.

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I’m 41, she is 43 and we’re both divorced.

I rented out my house and moved into hers but the cracks soon began to show.

She claimed to be house proud, but was off the scale.

I was constantly berated for not doing things her way. 

It became obvious she had OCD – everything had a particular place.

She would rage and lose control if I tried talking about this.

I moved back to my house, with no confidence and a broken spirit.

She calls occasionally and we speak on friendly terms.

We’ve even met for a few walks.

Do I stay as a friend or cut off all ties?

DEIDRE SAYS: Something will have triggered her OCD and the right therapy can help her start to control her obsessive behaviour, but not if she’s in denial.

My support pack Overcoming Obsessions will help.

By all means be friends, but beware anything more unless she faces up to her behaviour.

Keep your social life going and meet new people.

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