‘My kids’ babysitter told them she was their real mummy and I’m the money maker’

A woman has opened up about her bizarre experience with a babysitter after the woman told her kids that she was their “real mummy”.

The mum-of-two has thought she’d booked someone suitable after her mother-in-law recommended her.

The babysitter became more of a childminder when the mum went back to work and looked after the three and four year olds for free when their parents were at the office – an incredible opportunity for working mums and dads.

Things seemed to work well for the family, but then one of the children began to ask some odd questions…

Posting on Reddit, the American mum explained that she had to fire the lady because she’d tried to convince the kids that they were actually her babies, reports the Mirror.

The 26-year-old mum wrote: "I am the mother of two kids and my husband and I both work office jobs. Due to this, we need someone to watch the kids while we aren’t home. We mostly had babysitters but a few months back my mother-in-law suggested that her friend could watch them for free.

"I didn’t really see any harm in it after she kept asking, so I gave in and her friend started babysitting our kids. Everything was perfect for the first few months, she was always on time and always fed my kids and put them to bed at the time I suggested.”

She continued: "My kids seemed to really like her, but about a few weeks ago my oldest came to me and asked me if I was their real mommy. I was confused and asked her what she meant.

"Well turns out, my mother-in-law's friend had been telling my kids that they were her babies, and when they protested saying they weren't, she would yell at them saying that I was just their money maker and that she was their real mommy."

The family chose another babysitter and told the mother-in-law they would no longer have her friend over, but she didn’t take the news well.

The woman wrote: “Over the phone she started screaming, saying that quote on quote 'my friend doesn’t have any kids or grandchildren, so your kids are the closest things she’s had to it, and you’re going to take that away from her?!'

"My husband and I tried to calm her down, but after a bit we just hung up. I received a photo of MIL friend crying on MIL couch later that night."

She said she felt “horrible” for upsetting her but was disturbed by her behaviour.

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The mum asked Reddit posters for their opinions.

One person said: "Not the a***hole. If anything you underacted. Would your mother-in-law ever help your friend see them? To the point of taking the kids behind your back?

“I’d take them to a few sessions with a therapist.

“They were clearly confused and the damage this unhinged woman did can run deeper than you know right now. Kids internalise that kind of stuff."

While another added: "She claimed ownership of your kids and decided to hide it from you for a long period of time.

“During this time she viciously yelled at your kids for denying this 'fact' and defending you. That's not a woman whom you want around your kids, she doesn't sound mentally stable.”

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