My partner and I want to try for another baby but my mum’s angry at the idea – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MUM went mad when I said my partner wants us to try for another baby next year.

She’s a very loving grandma to our boy, while my partner has two girls from a past relationship. I treat them all the same and love them like my own.

I’m 32, my partner is 38.

We spend lots of time together, playing games and watching films.

When I’m off work, we enjoy days out.

We’d love another baby but Mum wants nothing to do with it if we go ahead.

She didn’t want us to have our youngest but has been wonderful since then. I’m not sure why she’s so against it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: An obvious answer is that she is worried whether you will cope so well and be so happy with this many children.

But she is not handling her doubts well, making threats rather than reasoning with you.

Tell your mum she has been such a wonderful grandma that you are puzzled.

Does she have fears based on her own experiences?

Does she worry you would be spreading yourselves too thin?

Listen – and either you will be able to reassure her or you may realise she has reason.

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