My wife often drinks two glasses of prosecco before doing the school pick-up

DEAR DEIDRE: IT’S not unusual for my wife to drink two glasses of prosecco before she does the school pick-up.

If we have no prosecco or wine, she’ll have a few gin and tonics. Then she tops up when she gets home.

I’m petrified she will have an accident and end up hurting someone.

She is trying to cut down and some days manages not to drink before the school run – but she still drinks more often than not.

I am 41 and she is 38. We have a daughter who’s eight and a son, six.

I have to work to keep the bills paid, so I can’t do the pick-up instead of her.

This can’t be good for her and I’m concerned about her long-term health.

We are talking over her problems but she begged me not to speak to her family about this, as she is very proud.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Do talk to her – when she is sober.

She has to recognise she has a problem and seek help urgently. I am sorry but until she accepts she is an alcoholic, nothing will change.

But there are amazing support groups to help both you and your wife.

My support pack Drinker In The Family explains more about this.

I would urge you to contact Al-Anon Family Groups (, 020 7403 0888) which helps families of those with an alcohol problem.

They will understand what you are going through and give support and advice.

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