Mystery Santa Surprises Strangers with Holiday Cards Full of Cash: 'This Just Never Happens!'

Each day, a beloved New Hampshire crossing guard helps kids get to school safely. But she recently took on an extra special duty — all thanks to a mystery man.

“A guy just drives up, hands me some envelopes, tells me to hand them to people and ‘God bless,’ ” the Manchester crossing guard, identified only as Rose, told WMUR.

Rose said that the man handed her four envelopes and, without opening them, she followed his orders, according to the station.

“I handed it to the people that walked, and that was it,” Rose explained.

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Inside the envelopes were Christmas cards and cash. The card was signed “From Santa.”

One lucky passerby was Lisa Dugas, a mom of three who said the extra money was just what she needed.

“I cried so much!” Dugas tells PEOPLE. “I got goosebumps. Nothing like this has ever happened to us.”

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She added, according to WLKY: “This just never happens, and it’s just amazing right before Christmas. I have three kids and this just meant a lot to me. I have $100 more that I can spend on their Christmas presents.”

Dugas said that she and her children pass Rose nearly each day on the way to school.

“She is the happiest person ever. Rose is an amazing woman! She’s always smiling, waving, and jumping up and down with excitement for the kids!” Dugas tells PEOPLE.

Dugas praised Rose for following the secret Santa’s orders, noting to WLKY, “She could’ve kept the money or the envelopes for herself, but she didn’t. And that alone is amazing.”

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