Mythical mermaid makeup is pure Halloween magic: How to get the look

Transform into an ethereal mermaid for a goddess-like look that’s sure to make a splash this Halloween.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Queenii Rozenblad showed “Good Morning America” how to create her take on the aquatic creature.

What you need

  • Fishnet stockings to create the scales
  • Blending brush
  • Detailing brush
  • Shadow brush
  • A setting spray to finish the look


Cover up your brows with a concealer foundation as much as you can and set it with a powder. Use a concealer brush to cover spots you can still see.

Prime your eyelids using an eyeshadow primer to be sure your shadow will stay in place during your Halloween bash. Queenii uses L.A. GIRL HD Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick in nude.

Blend out using a synthetic blender brush.

Then, outline the crease of your eye with a brown pencil. Apply a smokey eye shadow above the crease and blend it out. Use a black shadow to go over the crease and make it more defined and a little darker. Return to the eye lid and blend out the primer.

Next, apply a snowy white shadow to the inner part of your eye lid. Continue by applying a dusty gold shadow to the outer part of your lid.

Apply black, winged eyeliner. Queenii used NYC liquid liner to achieve her look.

“It could be a little hard [the winged liner], but practice makes perfect and it’s only $2.99 so you could go through a couple of bottles until you get it right,” Queenii explains in her YouTube video tutorial.

Go back into your crease and darken the line.

Finish off your facial foundation, add under eye concealer and blend it out.

Prime underneath lower lashes with a primer. Then, line underneath eyes with a light brown eye shadow shade. Use a light brown eyeliner pencil to create an inner-winged cat eye. Then go over the line with a brown shadow to darken it up.

Continue darkening with a black liner, Queenii uses Rimmel London. Apply to your water line, as well, and smudge under your lower lashes.

Smudge a dark shadow underneath your lower lashes, Queenii uses a blackberry shade.

For the mermaid scales

Use a fishnet wig cap, or fishnet stockings. Place it gently over your face gently, so that you won’t smudge your eye makeup.

Apply dark shadows over the cheekbones and then a chocolate brown shadow to blend out on top of where the fishnet sits.
Brush the shadow on, moving towards your face for a faded look.

Use a blackberry shadow near the eyebrow, over the fishnet and lightly towards your temple in random spots. Add brown shadow to those areas as well. Blend in together.

Add more blackberry shadow where your eyebrows are to concentrate on achieving dramatic scales.

Finish off with a setting spray, which will give your look a shiny effect. Let dry completely and gently remove the fishnet.

If you’re scales are a little light for your liking, go back in and touch up with a dark shadow and a small, pointed brush.

Place the cap back over your forehead only, and lightly create a U-shape with a gold-pigmented shadow. Then, apply a dot right in the middle of your forehead.

Close your eyes and apply the setting spray once again, to that area. Let dry.

Apply dramatic lashes to both your upper and lower lash lines. Queenii uses the lash brand, Kiss. The particular lashes she uses are sold during the Halloween season, she said.

Create an ombre lip by blending a light brown lip liner and matte, nude lipstick.

For sparkly barnacles

Queenii used gold flakes from a nail kit to achieve the look of barnacles. To make them stick, try spirit gum.

To take the look further: For scales all over your skin, cut your fishnet cap in half and have a friend help you hold it down over your shoulder. Spray your shoulder and chest with setting spray.

Next, apply a dark shadow by using a buffing brush randomly onto your skin. Continue by adding a gold-pigmented shadow randomly as well.

Spray it one more time with the setting spray and let dry.

Complete the look

If you don’t have bright hair like Queenii, try a stand-out wig. Queenii created her top using seashells from the dollar store.

For more makeup tips, follow Queenii on YouTube and Instagram @msqueeniirozenblad.

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