Naked Attraction contestant becomes the first ever to WALK OFF

He could not bare it! Man, 23, who’s never had sex becomes the first ever Naked Attraction contestant to WALK OFF after feeling faint at seeing real-life naked women for the first time

  • Naked Attraction contestant Brian, 23, walks off the show red faced in new series
  • He was ‘overwhelmed’ by the bodies of the six naked hopefuls in front of him  
  • Anna Richardson told Mailonline Brian came back to face the rest of the show

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has revealed a ‘shy virgin called Brian’ has become the first contestant in the Channel 4 dating show’s history to walk off during filming, after becoming overwhelmed at seeing nude women for the first time. 

The presenter, 50, recalls how the 23-year-old wine buff from Kent had to be escorted backstage in scenes which will be shown in the first episode of the seventh series which airs next week. 

Contestants on the show are initally faced with six naked people in booths, with their bodies being gradually revealed through successive rounds, before the chooser gets naked with their final match.  

Speaking about the popular series’ first ever ‘walk off’ in an exclusive chat with MailOnline, Anna said: ‘A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls, and needed to be escorted off set and consoled by producers. 

23-year-old Brian, a hospitality worker from Kent, is the first ever Naked Attraction contestant to walk off the set in the show’s upcoming season 

Speaking to Femail, Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson, 50, said Brian was a ‘very good lad’ 

‘He was a good lad, he came back on and faced the rest of the show.’

In a clip shared with MailOnline ahead of the show, Anna looked concerned for Brian’s wellbeing as she asked ‘You okay, Brain? You like like you’re about to faint, Brian.’

The 23-year-old hospitality worker shook his head. 

‘I’m sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment,’ he said, gesturing to the side of the set that was off camera.

He then proceeded to walk off the set to have a breather.   

The contestant was left visibly flustered by the six naked women waiting for his verdict on the daring show 

Speaking afterwards, Brian said: ‘It’s overwhelming, I mean, you know in a good way, perhaps I needed this. But I just need to let it sink in just a bit.’

Anna said the seventh series has received more entries than ever before, which she puts down to singletons attempting to lift the post-lockdown blues. 

‘This series has been vintage, absolutely gobsmacking in terms of the people we’ve had on and it must be something to do with lockdown,’ she said. ‘Whether or not people have gone slightly mad or they’ve realised you’ve got one chance at life, sod it, let’s go on Naked Attraction and really go for it. 

‘We’ve been inundated with extraordinarily good people. As well as Brian, we’ve had our oldest picker, Ian who’s 75 and a widower. 

‘Overwhelmed’ Brian had to step away from the set to gather his thoughts after the bodies of the women were uncovered 

‘In the latter years of his life he has embraced being a single man – a bisexual single man – so he’s really going for it and exploring his sexuality. 

‘How great is it he’s in his seventies and thought, “I fancy playing around a bit, life isn’t over and I’m still a sexual guy”. 

‘He also had the biggest piercing at the end of his penis that I have ever seen. It just goes to show, you never can tell what lurks beneath.’ 

Indeed, in the case of the show’s millions of viewers, that may well be the case. But Anna claims she possesses the ability of predicting the size of a man’s package while he’s fully clothed, which she puts down to seeing so many intimate body parts. 

Brian, who admitted on the show he was a virgin, said the show had a positive impact on him and that perhaps he ‘needed’ to come on it 

Anna said: ‘We worked out the other day on Naked Attraction that I’ve seen over 1,000 penises. I’ve almost gone penis blind. I just don’t really see them anymore. 

‘I’ve got the gynaecological version of The Sixth Sense, wherever I go I can see naked people. 

‘I can judge everybody with their clothes on and know what’s hiding underneath. 

‘It’s a rare and unwanted gift that whoever turns up at my front door I can give them a quick up and down and think “yeah, I can tell what’s going on down there”.’ 

She added: ‘I reckon I can guess if they’ve got public hair as well or whether they’ve got genital piercing.’ 

Brian appeared confident speaking to Anna before ‘meeting’ the other naked contestants on Naked Attraction

The Kent-native, who introduced himself as a wine connoisseur, felt ‘faint’ on the show, Anna said 

Anna, who has also fronted Love Bites on ITV and Sex Education on Channel 4 having launched her career as host on The Big Breakfast, insists she always knew the dating show – where a singleton chooses a date based upon their naked appearance before meeting up afterwards fully clothed – would be a success, despite the first season being mauled by critics. 

She wants to take Naked Attraction to America, but despite backing from celebrity fans including model Chrissy Tiegen and Canadian crooner Michael Buble, Anna’s been told America ‘is way too conservative to buy the format’, unlike European countries including Germany who have filmed successful versions. 

The presenter, who is in a civil partnership with former Bake Off host Sue Perkins, feels the series is particularly important in this Instagram age where ‘the perfect body’ is regularly flaunted online. 

Anna said Brian was a proficient musician and a lovely guy, but he still struggled with the show’s quirky premise 

She said: ‘It’s great because young people can see what real bodies look like, it’s not Love Island – it’s warts and all. 

‘On social media we see those filtered pictures of perfection which can cause a lot of anxiety for everyone, particularly for young people. 

‘But on the flipside of that, the people that we get coming onto Naked Attraction, especially the younger ones, are so buoyed in a way by the feeling of nakedness and taking care of their bodies, that they’re very confident in who they are, 

‘So I think we have social media to thank for that because they have a confidence that in no way I had when I was in my twenties, so we have to thank screen time a little bit for that.’

Anna cares passionately about the mental health of young people which is why she co-founded Mindbox, an online subscription based therapy centre. 

This year Mindbox has partnered up with NUS recommended student app TOTUM to support UK students affected Covid-19. 

The service, which will be free for the first six months, will be available from April 21 and will allow 24-hour access to content, developed by experts, to help with general stress, panic attacks, confidence, social anxiety and performance nerves. 

On Mindbox Anna says: ‘There is a mental health crisis exploding with young people right now and I know by speaking to various organisations students are really struggling. 

‘We can offer, via the TOTUM app, free access to Mindbox for six months which would give them enough time to complete all of the techniques on there and really boost their self-esteem. They will see a measurable difference.’ 

Naked Attraction begins on Tuesday, November 10 10:20pm on Channel 4.

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