Netflix’s steamy movie ‘365 DNI’ slammed for glamorizing Stockholm syndrome

Hostage situation lust is not exactly healthy.

Controversial Polish flick “365 DNI” became available to Netflix subscribers in the UK and US this week, and although streamers report the film’s many moments of intimacy are convincing, they find the relationship more akin to a disturbing form of Stockholm syndrome, rather than true love.

“Just finished #365Dni & while the sex scenes were great, the story itself just romanticizes kidnapping & a forced relationship,” tweets one viewer of the film, which is about Sicilian mafia boss Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and luxury hotel sales director Laura Biel (Anna Maria Sieklucka). The made man kidnaps Biel while she’s on a birthday trip in Sicily, keeping her hostage in his villa and giving her one year to fall in love with him. Many sexually explicit scenes ensue, including one very memorable moment on a boat.

“You basically just watch shawty get Stockholm Syndrome,” the reviewer continues, referring to the condition in which a person held against their will comes to sympathize deeply with their abductor. The term originated in 1973, when a woman kidnapped during a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, inexplicably expressed concern for her captors after she was freed.

“Watched 365 DNI bec of the noise it created. Can I just say that the movie IS TOO OVERRATED. I can only cringe over their lines, predictable story plot, and unrealistic twists,” critiques another non-fan. “You know what it is called when u fall in love with ur kidnapper? Its Stockholm Syndrome. Not love sis.”

Netflix series 365 DNI.Netflix series 365 DNI.

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