New date has put me off by going to the loo in front of me

DEAR DEIDRE: I MET a really fit woman who I’ve been on a couple of dates with and I really fancied her.

I cooked her a nice meal – my show-stopper, beef and ale pie with mash ­ and we had a ­couple of glasses of wine.

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I’m 26 and she’s 27. Everything was going really well and we had great sex but then she ruined it all by going to the toilet in front of me while I was brushing my teeth.

I know we had just had sex but any mystery was ruined for me when she let it all hang out right there and then.

Then she assumed it was fine to borrow my toothbrush.

The next morning I was on the loo and she barged straight in.

When I asked her to leave, she told me to stop being silly and carried on.

My mates think I’m being ridiculous but I really don’t think I want another date – not if she’s going to keep barging in on me in the loo.

Perhaps I’m too old-fashioned. Do you think I’m being silly?

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DEIDRE SAYS: If you really liked this woman before you discovered her relaxed attitude to privacy, it’s worth explaining to her that you have a different approach and ask her if she will respect your thoughts.

If she is dismissive again, you have your answer – it would be better to move on.

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