New Report Suggests LASIK Eye Surgery Isn’t As Safe As We Thought

LASIK eye surgery has been all the rage for years but is it safe for you?

Thousands of people praise the surgery that has them no longer wearing glasses or contacts and seeing pretty much 20/20. However, The New York Times reported recently highlighted some side effects of the surgery, which can be life-changing. The article has now raised some questions about just how safe the procedure is and whether or not the FDA should have ever approved it in the 1990’s.

Some of the potential risks include long-term blurred or double vision, dry eyes, burning eyes and light sensitivity. The paper featured many testimonials from patients who had the procedure done and experienced these side effects.

It also referenced several studies, including one conducted by “LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project.” The study discovered while a majority of those who undergo LASIK are just fine, there have been cases where patients suffered severe side effects, such as seeing starbursts, glare, or permanent halos. Sadly, a handful of those cases also showcased the patient feeling sad, depressed even suicidal at times because of the complications.

The one constant among the patients who suffered side effects, like Geobanni Ramirez who now sees everything in triple, is the lack of communication regarding the possible harmful outcomes. Ramirez told The New York Times, not one of the surgeons he spoke with about LASIK informed him about the potential damage that could be done to his vision. In fact, his surgery is considered a success because he can see the smallest letters on the eye chart, despite seeing three of each letter on the eye chart.

Paula Cofer had LASIK, but it left her with chronic pain and made her eyesight worse than before the surgery has started a website to advocate the complications with the surgery. She uses her website to feature blogs and other patients stories warning those thinking about LASIK to make sure they weight all of their options.

The article has made people more aware of the long-term complications with the eye surgery. Ophthalmologists still stand by the theory the surgery works and works well with minimal lasting side effects. However, there is proof that is not always the case. If you are interested in LASIK, read the article and other testimonials on the positive and negative to ensure you have all the information before you make a choice.

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