Newlyweds share the wackiest gifts they’ve received at their wedding

A box of bacon, a dog leash and a sex kit: Disappointed newlyweds share the worst gifts they received on their wedding day

  • Newlyweds have opened up about the presents they got after tying the knot
  • Some of them were attempts at regifting and others were just plain outrageous
  • Paper plates and a wedding invitation to the guests ceremony were included
  • One person even received an S&M kit from a very unassuming, innocent aunty 

Couples will often curate a gift registry is so their guests don’t need to spend too much time thinking of an original present to bring along on their wedding day.

But for those not willing to abide by the rules, or perhaps who have run out of time, it’s all about improvising with what you’ve got at home.

And according to these recipients of wacky wedding gifts collected by Stuff, it’s often not worth the ‘creativity’.

User Pigletgirl wrote on DISboards about the package of paper plates she received from a friend on the eve of her big day.

The reason newlyweds curate a gift registry is so that their guests don’t need to think of an original present for the bride and groom

While practical they’re not necessarily a very expensive offering on such a momentous occasion. 

‘A friend gave us a framed invitation to her own wedding, which happened about five months before,’ commented another bride to The Knot.

‘We got a box of bacon and I’m talking like 10 kilos of bacon. This guest got it from a meat market and thought hey, bacon!’ Said a bemused user called Pupperoni on Weddingbee.

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‘I divided it up with everyone I knew and their mother and yet we still have bacon left.’

Other options included a single saucer for a teacup that had the gifters names engraved on it, six George Foreman grills, a loaf of bread that had already expired and regifted measuring cups. 

‘My best friend and her husband got an S&M kit from her unassuming, demure 65-year-old aunt!’ User Pixiefatale also wrote on Weddingbee.

‘A friend gave us a framed invitation to her own wedding, which happened about five months before,’ commented another bride to The Knot

The most confusing of contributions came in the form of a big black glass monkey sculpture from a group of one man’s friends.

‘Afterwards, one of the wives pulled me aside, apologised for such a strange gift, said that they’re never letting the boys go shopping on their own again, and that we were welcome to return it,’ user Jenangeles wrote on Weddingbee.

Popular back up choices that required no thought whatsoever were a bag of used spices, a Jesus night light and a dog leash when the couple didn’t even own a pet. 

The lesson learned by many of the newlyweds appeared to be just accepting whatever gifts came there way – and returning those they could.

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