Nick Jonas Confirms He Did Have Food Stuck In His Teeth During Grammys – See Tweet

Nick Jonas wasn’t afraid to poke fun of himself after taking to the Grammys stage with remnants of his last meal still clearly visible in his mouth!

Nick Jonas, 27, took to Twitter on Jan. 26 to confirm that, yes, he does eat his greens, and no, your eyes weren’t deceiving you; there was food stuck in his teeth during his Grammy Awards performance. The pop star made light of the close up pics of his veggie adorned smile on social media, shortly after he and his siblings Joe, 30, and Kevin, 32, sang a medley of Jonas Brothers songs at the Staples Center. “So honored to have been back on the Grammy stage tonight,” he tweeted, before adding, “And at least you all know I eat my greens.”

This year, it’s a small thing, but what would a Grammy Awards ceremony be without something wild happening that’s totally unrelated to music? It’s almost a tradition that there should be some snub, wardrobe malfunction or onstage insult flung at the Recording Academy or some rival celeb. In 2019 it was an apparent flub, that many took to be an insult when Drake’s acceptance speech was abruptly cut short. The bearded Canadian was on stage picking up his award for Best Rap Song for his hit “God’s Plan” when his words were silenced shortly after he gave a speech telling his peers that they’ve “already won” if they have a record deal or if fans buy tickets to see them in concert.

A publicist for the Grammys later clarified why the show cut to a commercial break by telling HollywoodLife in a statement: “Drake took a natural pause in his speech, which led producers to believe he was finished so they went to commercial. Since it seemed as if he had more to say, Grammy producers spoke with Drake immediately following his acceptance speech and offered him the opportunity to complete his speech. Drake stated that he was actually finished with his speech and happy.”

Meanwhile, last year Cardi B had a PG wardrobe malfunction while she performed her song “Money.” The New Yorker’s diamond necklace slipped off her neck while she gyrated throughout her elaborate performance. She didn’t let it break her stride, though. Cardi kept right on dancing and rapping, ending the night clutching some new bling – a Grammy award for Best Rap Album for her hit, Invasion of Privacy.

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