Nicki Minaj & Eminem: Why They Think Dating Would Be ‘Disastrous’ Despite ‘Definite Chemistry’

Would Eminem ever try to make a relationship ever happen with Nicki Minaj? A source close to Eminem told HL EXCLUSIVELY that although Eminem & Nicki have a strong attraction, their friendship is more important to him!

Nicki Minaj, 35, and Eminem, 45, may have joked about having a definitely fake relationship (and trolled us all in the process), but that doesn’t mean the thought of trying it out for real never crossed their minds. A source close to the real Slim Shady gave us the EXCLUSIVE deets on the state of their friendship and if it could turn into something more. “Nicki and Eminem have been tight ever since they worked together on ‘Roman’s Revenge’, but they’re just friends,” our source said. “And I think they both know it would be disastrous for them to date, at least right now.”

When it comes down to it, there’s definitely a spark between them, but the two rappers both want to keep things professional and platonic. “They have a strong attraction, and there’s a definite chemistry between them, it’s why they collaborate together so well, but neither of them wants to take it further than harmless flirting,” our source went on to say. “Eminem isn’t interested in any kind of serious relationship at this point in his life. He’s all about his work, and neither Nicki nor Em would want to risk their friendship for the sake of a casual fling.”

As for the present, these two are just flirty and friendly… for now. “So, right now, it’s just some lighthearted teasing and flirting—but who knows what the future could bring?” our source added. And considering the fact that Eminem just recently mentioned that he would, in fact, love to date Nicki, time will tell whether or not these friends will become something at some point in time.

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