Nicki Minaj Raps About ‘Ending B***hes’ Careers’ On New Track ‘Poke It Out’: Message To Cardi B?

More new music from Nicki Minaj is here! Her collab with Playboi Carti on the song ‘Poke It Out’ dropped May 11…and the self-proclaimed ‘queen’ seems to throw some shade at nemesis Cardi B in her verse. Listen here!

Nicki MInaj teamed up with Playboi Carti for a hot new track called “Poke It Out,” and it’s finally out for the world to hear! From the moment the song dropped, fans immediately began flooding Twitter with praise for Nicki’s verse, during which she makes it a point to claim that she’s the queen of rap right now. “You know that I stay with them great lines,” she sings. “End b****es’ careers, cut them break lines.” Later on, she adds, “These little musty b****es thinkin’ they can take mine, you b***hes chances lookin’ slimmer than my waistline.”

Once again, this seems to be Nicki’s way of making it known that she plans to keep her place on top, despite the recent success of fellow female rapper, Cardi B. The competition between the ladies hasn’t exactly left them on the best of terms, and Nicki makes it a point, quite often, to remind Cardi and the public who was here first. She’s even calling her upcoming album Queen, and it’s due out June 15.

Despite the tension between them, Nicki and Cardi spent some time chatting at the 2018 Met Gala on May 7. “I think she felt a certain type of way about something and I definitely felt a certain type of way about something,” Cardi told Howard Stern on May 9. “I didn’t ever wanna talk about it in public because I felt like we gonna see each other again and we will talk about it. And it’s always, like, little issues. The thing is, it’s always little issues, but you know, fans are always gonna make it a big thing. I spoke to her at the Met Gala about it and it’s just like…see? It’s just something that had to be talked about because it was an issue.”

Although Cardi and Nicki seem to have buried the hatchet (for now), it doesn’t seem like Nicki will let the rising star forget where she stands in the hip-hop food chain any time soon. But, hey, at least we’re getting some damn good music from BOTH of them lately!

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