Nicki Minaj reveals she was in an abusive relationship: ‘I was scared to get in the studio’

Nicki Minaj is opening up about her past experiences with domestic violence.

The rapper, 35, shared two clips on Instagram Tuesday from her upcoming “Queen” documentary, in which Minaj recalled incidents she witnessed as a child and lived through as an adult. 

“I remember when my mother would let my father be violent with her,” Minaj stoically began. “She always brings up this story. As a little girl, I would stand in front of my mother and go like this,” she said, spreading her arms apart in an attempt to create a barrier. 

The Queens, New York, native said this is where her strength comes from: “Maybe some people would describe me as abrasive or (expletive) or whatever, because I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name or treat me like that.”

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