Nikki Bella Fears She May Never Have A Baby If She Doesn’t Take John Cena Back

Nikki Bella is hoping to have a baby in her future and is scared she doesn’t have a lot of time left to do so after her breakup with John Cena. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here.

Nikki Bella, 34, has always wanted to have a baby but after her recent breakup with John Cena, 41, she fears she’s getting older and time is running out for her to make her family dreams come true. “Nikki is having major fears that she may never have a baby if she does not take John back,” a source close to the former couple EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife. “She misses him and still has a lot of love for him. She has always wanted her own family and thought that she would have started having kids by this point in her life. She put so much energy into her relationship with John and she is afraid to start over with someone new. She is feeling her age and thinks she has no more time to waste after exhausting so much love in her relationship with John.”

Nikki’s exhaustion is understandable considering the ups and downs of her relationship with John. After they ended things, John shocked everyone when he publicly spoke out about still wanting to marry her and have a family even though he previously said he didn’t want kids. “Now that he is saying that he is open to starting a family, she is confused, heart broken and reconsidering everything,” the source continued.

Although she’s reconsidering it, it’s not clear just yet on whether or not Nikki will take John back. The former lovebirds were open about their split when they shared the moment they decided to call off their wedding on Nikki’s reality television show, Total Bellas and it was definitely heartbreaking. We hope these two can work out whatever is best for them soon!

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