Noah Centineo Misses Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Just As Much As You Do

Noah Centineo is officially Team Barb. In a new video for Glamour, the actor admitted that he was a fan of Shannon Purser way before he co-starred with her in the Netflix rom-com Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. Noah Centineo was a Stranger Things fan, he shared in the video, and he knew exactly who Purser was before they worked together, even if she didn’t recognize him at the time.

The video starts off with separate interviews featuring the two actors. Purser admits that she didn’t know who Centineo was before the movie, while he says that he "absolutely knew" who she was. "I watched Stranger Things up until the point that Barb disappeared. And then I stopped watching," Centineo said in the clip. "I was like, ‘No Barb, no me.’"

The actors also shared with Glamour how they first met on set, although it sounds like the details are a bit fuzzy for the two of them. Both stars were adamant that the other approached them first, before they did a screen test together for the movie. However they first introduced themselves, though, it sounds like there was instant chemistry between them, which fans can see in Sierra Burgess. And since working on the Netflix movie together, they seem to have become close friends offscreen, too.

"I just remember being struck by how earnest and charming he is," Purser told Glamour of Centineo. She also described their first lunch together as being "like speed-dating" as the Sierra Burgess co-stars tried to get to know each other before working together.

Apparently, though, the two got through the small talk phase fairly quickly, and they ended up having a deep conversation about their past relationships while walking around the movie’s set. "I found it so easy to be myself around him and get to know him, and that was really great," Purser said to Glamour. "I really needed that at the time." Purser has nothing but positive things to say about Centineo. And it sounds like the two stars would be open to working together again in the future, if the opportunity arose.

Centineo’s other recent costar, Lana Condor, has also shared plenty of positive things about the actor. "I’m so blessed to have worked with him — he’s an awesome guy," Condor told People of her To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before costar.

From his ability to make people feel at ease to his knack for improvisation, it sounds like Centineo is a true joy to have on set. The actor may have only become a household name recently, but based on his charm — and how much his costars seem to love working with him — he’s sure to be in high demand for upcoming projects.

For now, fans can catch Centineo as Jesus in Good Trouble, The Fosters‘ upcoming spinoff. And if these recent interviews are any indication, Centineo’s Good Trouble costars will probably have plenty of charming anecdotes about him once the show starts filming.

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