OK, So This "Yanny" vs. "Laurel" Recording Is The New #TheDress

Please stop anything and everything you’re doing and listen to the below audio recording:

What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel pic.twitter.com/jvHhCbMc8I

What do you hear the robotic male voice saying above: the word Yanny, or the word Laurel? (The ELLE.com editorial staff is evenly divided, and each team thinks the other one is crazy.) Much like The Dress, these four seconds of audio are guaranteed to start fights, cause break ups, and ruin friendships. So now the question is….

Redditors explained that the reason some people might hear one word while others hear another has to do with the bass frequencies in the audio. Reddit user juuular writes that if you turn the volume down low, there will be no bass and therefore you’ll hear Yanny, whereas if you turn the volume up and play it on speakers with bass response, you’ll hear Laurel. The audio includes both words, but because your brain can’t handle both sounds at once, it picks one for you. A video (via Business Insider) confirms this theory, and if you really want to see this mystery solved, you need to give it a watch:


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