One Royal never joins the rest of the family to watch Queen’s Christmas speech

Princess Diana’s former butler has revealed what goes on at Sandringham as the royals gather to celebrate Christmas.

It’s Meghan Markle’s first Christmas as a royal, and she is set to join the family to watch the Queen’s speech.

But there is one very important member who won’t be present, according to former royal butler Paul Burrell.

He says the Queen hates watching herself on TV and so takes herself off for a walk instead.

"The Queen’s Speech will be played at 3pm, they go through the saloon drawing room and switch the TV on, people will be expected to be there, he told the Daily Mail.

"But the one person missing will be Her Majesty, who will slip through the north end door and go for a walk, as she doesn’t like to watch herself.

"Then when she’s back they will congratulate her saying: ‘Oh, you were very good this year Granny. Well done’."

Burrell told how everything ‘works like clockwork’ at Sandringham, with all the festivities timed and organised – including drinks, lunch and games.

He said the Queen loves having the entire family together and all members are expected to attend the activities.

Burrell also said there will be a seating plan for lunch and royals should make polite chat with whoever they end up sitting next to.

Speaking about what he thinks a good Christmas present for the Queen is, Burrell revealed she likes books – including thrillers.

Hundreds of fans gathered at the Queen’s Sandringham estate to catch a glimpse of pregnant Meghan, husband Prince Harry and fellow royals.

The Duchess of Sussex celebrates with her in-laws for a second time – but the first time as an official member of the royal family after marrying Prince Harry in May.

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