Oprah 2020 Merch Hits Stores With Medusa-Looking Pin

Oprah 2020 merchandise is flooding the internet after her stirring speech last Sunday.

It’s been about three days since the Golden Globes acceptance speech from Oprah, and literally everyone thinks that the fabled media mogul should take a swing at the 2020 presidential election.

Nevermind the fact that Oprah has historically expressed zero interest in the presidency – people are so convinced that she should run that there’s already a booming cottage industry of “Oprah for prez” merch.

Since Oprah already starts with an “O”, a lot of people are just reusing the imagery that won former President Obama the election in 2008. However, some people are turning away from the easy money and coming up with their own designs to encourage an Oprah presidential run.

Like this pin which has an unfortunate resemblance to the greek gorgons of myth and legend. Seriously, what is going on with Oprah’s hair here?

Type Oprah 2020 into custom crafts site Etsy and you’ll get a plethora of potential presidential products, such as this t-shirt. It already comes captioned with a catchphrase: “a new day is on the horizon,” a reference to her Golden Globes award speech.

Still not convinced? How about an Oprah 2020 mug. This one actually takes from Oprah’s old daytime talk show for the fonts and again uses the new day catchphrase to make it all optimistic and stuff.

There’s a few sellers that not only think Oprah should run for president but that she should also take Tom Hanks as her running mate. It seems like a presidential dream team if there ever was one.

In case you were thinking this was an Etsy only thing, other clothiers are getting in on the action too. Hlzblz.com is already running a line of Oprah 2020 t-shirts and hoodies for those who want to have the unmistakable stench of sweatshop labor on their new purchases rather than the lightly fragrant perfume of an Etsy purchase.

As for whether or not she’ll run it’s hard to say. Everyone but Oprah seems to be talking about it. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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