Oprah And Stedman Are Each Other\u2019s Biggest Fans, According To Astrology

Oprah and Stedman Graham are a 35-year institution. And according to an astrologer, it’s not all that surprising.

“When we look at the compatibility between Oprah and Stedman, the first theme we see is friendship,” explains Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer. Oprah’s Sun and Venus in Aquarius are at the perfect angle from Stedman’s Venus in Aries. And sure, while Venus gets all the credit for being the planet of romance, it’s a biggie for friendship too.

“This aspect gives them a true heart connection and a strong basis of friendship as a foundation for their relationship. This is also a point of romantic compatibility,” Lang adds.

Now, they’ve got more than just the sun and Venus working for them, the other planets are coming through too. Stedman’s Mars, the planet of attraction, is close to his Venus in Aries putting it at a favorable angle from Oprah’s Venus and Sun. This tells Lang they’ve had eyes from each other from the very beginning—and still do. But they manage this attraction in their own unique way.

Chances are you’ve heard that Oprah and Stedman never want to get married. Oprah’s not someone’s wife and Stedman was cool with that. That’s all because of Aquarius and Aries—two independent signs.

Stedman gets Oprah, so it didn’t take too much convincing. Instead, the couple focuses on how they energize each other, learn from one another, and give each other space but never without unwavering support.

The planets did their thing just right when it comes to Oprah and Stedman and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Ahead, Lang breaks down exactly why and how.

Luck’s played a role in this relationship.

“Oprah’s Mars is just a couple degrees away from Stedman’s Part of Fortune in Scorpio, and Stedman’s Moon is a couple degrees away from Oprah’s Part of Fortune,” says Lang.

It’s one of the first things she picked up on: the couple’s proximity to luck. Their relationship is heavily influenced by Part of Fortune, the portion of someone’s birth chart that points to how easily things come to them.

“This is a sign that they feel fulfilled with one another, but it also suggests that they have a connection that promotes the flow of goodness into their lives,” says Lang. It also helps that Oprah’s Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, is in harmony with Stedman’s Pluto and Venus, meaning Oprah is a big believer in Stedman’s dreams.

Thanks to Pisces and Aquarius, this relationship’s full of generosity.

“Stedman has a number of planets in Pisces, which is the sign of empathy and compassion,” says Lang.

And as an Aquarius who’s all about service, Oprah is also all about giving back and helping others. “There’s a mutual desire to care for one another, and though they have independent streaks (thanks to his Mars in Aries and her Aquarius placements), they are giving to one another,” says Lang.

Saturn is the reason they communicate so well with each other.


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Oprah and Stedman can go deep with each other, says Lang and it’s actually because their birth charts rely on very different, but compatible elements.

“Stedman has a predominance of water elements in his chart, the element of emotion, and Oprah has a predominance of air, the element of communication. He helps her communicate from the heart, and she helps him express his emotions with ease,” Lang explains.

After so many years together, they truly get how the other person understands things best. And they’re both willing to cater to that long-term.

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