Optical illusion tattoo that ‘looks like blinking eye’ leaves viewers gobsmacked

Tattoo fans on TikTok have gone wild of an optical illusion design that "looks like a blinking eye."

The pattern, which was shared on the app by @tatt.oo.ink, looks like an open eye made with small lines on the customer's forearm.

But when they put a sheet of plastic marked with black lines over the top, it appears to start blinking.

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The video has gained over 222,000 likes in just two days as fascinated users took to the comments to praise the design.

One user said: "That's the coolest tattoo I've ever seen."

Another added: "Yup, I’m getting," while a third wrote: "Excellent tattoo."

But not everyone was so pleased with it as they would have to carry around the plastic sheet everywhere.

"Some people carry business cards. Others…" one user quipped.

And someone else questioned: "Could you imagine? How bored are you?"

The news comes after a woman left Harry Potter fans in hysterics after she revealed the epic fail she experienced after asking for a golden snitch tattoo.

TikTok user @khaoticbrat_ttv took to the app with a video showing the golden snitch tattoo she wanted which ended up being a far cry from what she got.

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In the clip, which was posted as part of the 'what I wanted vs what I got' trend, the Twitch streamer user couldn't contain her laughter when showed just how different the designs turned out.


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