Paddle boarder gets taken out by dolphin in Australia

A paddle boarder experienced a much meaner side to dolphins than we’re used to.

Footage shows a man named Andrew paddling off the coast of Western Australia when a pod of dolphins sped towards him.

One of the aquatic mammals is seen leaping out of the water and catching the 54-year-old on the back.

Andrew is sent flying into the water as the dolphin swims away, before finally climbing back onto his board.

“One of them for some reason decided to jump out of the water and took me out quite well,” he told 7 News Sydney.

He added: “It was a fairly legal hit in the shoulder I think… Hats off to him he connected with me really well.”

The video has been shared and liked more than a collective 2,000 times on Twitter where people have been reacting to it.

“Dolphin 1, Paddle Boarder 0,” an unsympathetic Joseph O’Brien responded to the news report.

And Theresa wrote: “The Dolphin was just letting the paddle boarder know he was going the wrong way on a one-way wave.”

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